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We’ve got the look – Themed Events

Published on 8th Oct 2019

Ever thought about hosting an event that reflected a specific theme? We’ve got just the right furniture for the look you want! Below are three differently styled examples, showing off just how easy it is to put together a beautiful event that reflects your chosen theme perfectly.

Theme: Arabian Nights

We've Got the Look - Arabian Nights

Drawing inspiration from an “Arabian Nights” theme, this event focuses on darker, more mysterious colours that invite guests to go on an adventurous journey throughout the evening’s activities.

Set the scene with a stunning round table draped in dark fabric, comfortable black dining chairs, and an arrangement of flowers that will bring some colour to the evening. Our favourite colours to mix and match in this theme include; dark blues, purples, and blacks, with just a hint of white here and there.

Theme: Spring Garden Party

Our second theme embraces the warmer weather for a Spring Garden Party. With bright, happy colours, an event like this is perfect for a morning or afternoon function like a birthday party or maybe even a Women’s day luncheon.

Get the look with a classic trestle table, some stunning visual white chairs, and bright decorations in the form of tablecloths or flowers. Embrace the sun and warmth with this bright and happy event theme.

Theme: Movie Night Outdoors

Our final theme is an outdoor movie event. For ultimate relaxation in the great outdoors, create a soothing atmosphere by bringing in casual seating arrangements and ambience with interesting lighting.

We’d make use of comfy beanbags for seating and some wooden blocks as side tables to use for drinks or snacks. For a touch of class and to allow the crowd to move around if they want, add in some higher cocktail tables at the back where people can gather and enjoy the scenery and snacks away from the centre of the crowd.

When planning your next themed event, take a look at our range of furniture available for hire here.