LED Rentals of LED Plinths, LED Balls, LED Displays

Plinths may be used for branding purposes, we are able to offer you this service, or you can have the printing done yourself and we will supply you with the perpex pieces.

Remote controlled LED Battery Operated lights are supplied at an additional R 80 Excl VAT.

DMX 220 V Lighting options are available at an additional cost.

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LED Balls 50cm

  • LED Balls 50cm (events)
  • LED Balls 50cm

    LED Balls 30cm (events)


    LED Balls 30cm

    Glow Balls

  • Lumino Glow Balls 1.2 m (events)
    • Glow Balls are made up of several Aliminum Struts and a Stretch Cover. These are designed to be hung from the roof or placed on the floor or on support plinth.

      They come stardard with either a remote control battery opperated LED Light (7-9 hours), alternatively they can be fitted with DMX Controlled lights at an additional cost;

      Please note that should rigging be required this will be at an additional cost.
  • Glow Ball

    Lumino Square Perspex Light Pillars

    • Lumino 0.7m SQU. Perspex Light Pillars (events)
    • Lumino Square Perspex Light Pillars

      Light Up Plinth
      • LED Plinths 1m x 0.45

      • Lumino 1m SQU. Perspex Light Pillars (events)
      • lumino 2m SQU. Perspex Light Pillars (events)
      • Light Up Plinth

        Lumino RND Plastic Light Pillars (events)


        Lumino Round Plastic Light Pillars

        Lumino Stretch Pillars (events)


        Lumino Stretch Pillars